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Iron Test Results

Fallon on June 28th, 2008

I called my son’s doctors office to find out about how his iron test came back and they told me it came back normal! Good, he is healthy and I can quit worrying about it. Here are some adorable pictures of my cute little baby. Also, everything went fine with Amanda and she went home on Thursday.

Cute little boy


Playing with some of his toys

Look at me!

Brother and Sister


Such a cutie

His new toy

Standing with new toy


Hi daddy

Yum yum

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9 Month Baby Appointment

Fallon on June 24th, 2008

My little boy just turned 9 months on the 19th and he just had his check up today. He weighed in at about 19  pounds 1 ounce, about 28 inches long and his head was 46 inches around. He didn’t get any shots today but he did get a routine screening for iron. It was his first time and what they did was they used this little device to poke his finger and then this other thing to absorb the blood that dotted at his finger tip. He didn’t even cry during this. It was a quick acting test that gave them results in minutes.

So after the nurse was finished with all her routine stuff the doctor came in to start his physical and he said that the test came back borderline and so he had to go to the lab and get blood drawn to see if there actually was an iron issue. The quick thing they do in the doctor’s office isn’t always accurate and so there may be nothing to worry about. I am going to be worrying until I call for his results on Friday though. His doctor said that he does look very healthy and that there is probably nothing to worry about. He didn’t cry when they drew his blood either. If they do find out that he has too little iron then they will just give him some vitamins. I really hope everything is fine. His next check up is at 12 months. I can’t believe he will be 1!

Currently he likes to say things like “baba” and “mama”, he also babbles some other cute things. He can walk around our living room table as long as he holds onto it and he’s very active, loves playing. He is still shy with new people. He eats soft fruits and veggies that we eat and really soft cereal thats soaked in milk. He has his two bottom, front teeth in.

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My Friend Amanda

Fallon on June 23rd, 2008

I have known Amanda since before I even started school. Our parents grew up together as well. I remember playing Barbies, Hide ‘N Seek and other fun games when we were kids and now she is going to have her own baby tomorrow. I never imagined her with a baby and it’s kind of weird for me, I am sure it was weird for other people when I started having my kids too. I’m really happy for her but at the same time I am worried too. She was planning on going natural but her doctor told her that she was going to be having a pretty big baby, like around 10 pounds and so now she is having a c-section.

I’m sure everything is going to go fine and she’s going to have a cute little baby to make her happy. Her little boy’s name is going to be Logan Kenneth and I can’t wait to see him! When she found out about her c-section recently, she began asking me lots of questions about how mine went. This is very understandable because that’s exactly how I was, I wanted to know everything about how it was going to be. She is pretty nervous but I’ve assured her that everything should go fine. Congratulations Amanda!

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My Brother’s High School Graduation

Fallon on June 12th, 2008

My brother Cory just recently graduated from High School and I am pretty proud of him. I knew that he was going to do it, and he did. This is his first step towards becoming an adult and doing what he wants with his life. The graduation was pretty nice and organized, everyone was able to keep their caps and gowns because they were able to buy them and I thought that was kind of neat. All of the guys wore blue and the girls wore white. Most of our closest relatives went and then we had cake afterward.

He has some goals as to what he wants to do, like college and stuff so that is good. He says that he wants to start this summer and that’s even better, I’m sure he is going to do just fine. I think there are a few different things that he wants to do, that can be tough sometimes.. choosing what you want to do most. I’m sure college is much more fun than just High School though, seems like there is more freedom and variety.

Image hosted by

Walking to his seat so the graduation can begin.

Image hosted by

Just getting home and showing off his diploma.

Image hosted by

Celebrating with cake! Yum.

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A Trip to the Mall

Fallon on June 8th, 2008

I knew my daughter would love going on the carousel at the mall nearby so I took her to the mall just for that purpose! She has gone on it before but it had been a while so I wanted to refresh her memory about how fun it is. She had the most happy smile she ever had in her whole life. It’s amazing how easy it is to make kids happy. She went on the carousel twice and then we looked around for a while and took her in the Disney Store. She got a new pair of sunglasses and we got the baby a cute outfit. It was a cute little trip.
Image hosted by

Her happy smile.

Image hosted by

New Sunglasses.

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Laguna Beach

Fallon on June 5th, 2008

Laguna Beach is a really beautiful beach to visit, especially if you’ve never been to a real beach before and you happen to be in the Orange County area. We just went there recently and we absolutely loved it! I would definitely love to live near there some day, but in the mean time I plan on making many more visits there this summer. We drove down some residential street on our way back and the houses were jaw dropping beautiful.

The waves weren’t very huge when we went but the water still looked really nice. It is so clean there. My daughter and I didn’t go very far in, but we did get our legs wet, at first she was sort of scared of the water and just wanted to run from it when the waves would come crashing in, but she enjoyed it. Most of all she loved playing in the sand building castles and just digging, her daddy even joined in and it was so cute. Our little boy was very content as well so he must have loved it too. He liked watching them play in the sand and just looking out at the beach.

It is so peaceful and nice at the beach that I would lose track of the time and then when it was time to go I didn’t even want to leave. We had a nice lunch there that I packed for us, sandwiches and snacks. Something to remember for the next trip is that 5 minutes in the sun at the beach is a lot and the umbrella doesn’t protect from everything, definitely wear more sunblock next time! I have plenty so that shouldn’t be a problem.  Gosh that day was awesome.

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