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Birth Control Prescription

Fallon on September 25th, 2008

So I don’t have anymore refills for my current birth control Yaz and I need to schedule an appointment to get a refill before this month’s supply runs out. I am kind of curious to see how I would feel without taking them for a while but I also don’t want to end up pregnant. These pills seem to make me a bit moody and weird. I will probably just go and get some more but I want to switch to a new kind because my current type can increase potassium and I don’t really feel comfortable with that. I don’t really feel comfortable taking any medicine at all but I definitely have enough children right now. I’ll write about this more when I decide what I am going to do..

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Pregnancy Massage Techniques

Fallon on September 25th, 2008

I definitely could have used a nice pregnancy massage while I was pregnant with my two children it may have helped with the many different symptoms I felt from aches and pains to readjusting my posture. The body of an expecting mother goes through so many different changes that it is hard to list them all. If you would like to purchase some helpful new DVDs that teach Pregnancy Massage techniques then check out the website or call 1-800-414-2434. There are two different DVD’s that you can either order separately or together, when you order them together you receive a savings of 20%. 

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The birth of my baby Thomas

Fallon on September 29th, 2007

The most beautiful little baby boy in the world was born on Wednesday the 19th day of September 2007 at 12:42 pm. He was 8 lbs 4 ounces and 19 inches long, just one ounce bigger than my daughter. When I heard his first cries I felt tears bead in my eyes but all I could do was lay there strapped to the table with my mother next to me as they suctioned fluids out of his lungs and cleaned him up. I got a quick glimpse of him really.. and gave him 2 little kisses on his beautiful cheek before he and my mother left me to be sewed up.

I don’t remember falling asleep but a mask was put over my mouth and nose and then I heard voices and was waking up.. I am pretty sure this was done to keep me calm while they worked to stop my hemorrhaging which I did not know was happening until my mother told me later. It is one of the most common things to happen during a c section and die from since they rip the placenta away from the uterine wall when in a natural birth it is supposed to loosen and then become detached on it’s own. But anyways, I was in that operating room like twice the amount than I should have been.

Once I was through with recovery and finally put into my room I waited and waited to see my baby but didn’t get to hold him until 9 hours later because the nurse monitoring him thought she heard singing when he breathed (wheezing I guess) This happens a lot in baby’s born by c section because the fluid in their chest is not given the chance to be squeezed out. So I got to sit around in pain worrying and worrying while they ran a bunch of extra tests. But fortunately he left the hospital very healthy and is doing great.

One of the most insulting things to hear form people is when they say something like “well you had a c section at least you didn’t have to go through any pain” That would never even slip through their lips because the thought wouldn’t pass their brain if they felt the intense, sickening and excruciating pain caused from having a baby ripped through your abdomen. There are no words to describe my first attempt of standing up and the inability to use my stomach muscles. No matter how many times I have felt the c section (twice) the pain experienced never ceases to amaze me.

Both of my baby’s are well worth it all and I don’t regret a second of bringing them into the world.

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Going to Give Birth Soon

Fallon on August 30th, 2007

Went to my appointment for a simple check up on the 29th. Everything is good.. I don’t have any antibodies to Rh positive blood. My c section is scheduled for September 19th at 12 in the afternoon and I am supposed to be there at 10 am. It seems so far away yet so close! I can’t help being pretty nervous about it but I am excited that I’m going to finally be able to meet my son.

We got a new car 2 days ago. It is a brand new 2008 Toyota Corolla. I didn’t even know that you could get a 2008 yet but you can! I’m very glad that we got it, it’s so nice! Now we have plenty of room for our two kids and we shouldn’t have to worry about anything being wrong with it for a really long time since we plan to take great care of it! We got it in this dark shimmery gray color, it’s pretty nice.

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RH Negative blood

Fallon on August 25th, 2007

I had an appointment august 22nd and everything is good.. except when I asked about the shot I need for being Rh negative. Nobody seemed to know why I didn’t get it sooner and so I did end up getting that but they didn’t do it in his office. I had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn to check for any antibodies and then on the 23rd I had to go back to get the shot and I waited 2 and a half hours!!! I can’t believe I had to wait that long.. When I got it with my daughter my doctor just gave it to me in her office.

All of the nurses were busy in the labor and delivery rooms.. so that’s why I had to wait that long. I still don’t know how the antibody test came back either because the nurse at the hospital said she didn’t know.. so I’m going to have to ask my doctor about that when I go back on Wednesday.

We also talked about my c section and he wants to plan it for sept. 18th, five days before my due date. I think I’m going to find out for sure when my c section will be at my next appointment also. I still don’t feel comfortable about the procedure but blahhhhh.

On Monday I am going to go look at some cars because the stick shift driving lessons aren’t going well with my dad. He blew us off twice last weekend, both days he said he was going to take us and then ended up having an excuse both times. He didn’t call and ask about this weekend either so I’m just not going to wait around and get my hopes up anymore.

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RH Negative Blood

Fallon on August 18th, 2007

So it seems that I haven’t written in a while. That would be because I’ve been pretty stressed out and busy lately. My due date is getting closer and closer so I’ve been trying to get things ready and cleaning.. and usually by the time I do have time to myself after my daughter has gone to sleep, I’m too tired to write.

Ok so I had an appointment August 8th. It went well I guess but I brought up the fact that I had previously had a c section and asked if it would be better for me to have one again this time. My doctor said he thought it would be because it would be safer for the baby in case any complications arose and especially since my baby looked a little on the big side. So I got this consent form I need to bring back to my next appointment. I haven’t been too happy thinking about the fact that I’m going to have another c section because I remember exactly how painful it was and it doesn’t even seem like birth. The thought of just laying there while I’m cut open… UGH.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that a few days after my appointment I realized that I hadn’t received my shot for being Rh – When I was pregnant with my daughter I got that around 28 weeks and now I’m pushing 35. So I definitely need to bring this up at my next appointment on Wednesday. It’s just too important for him to overlook and forget about, so I need to find out why I haven’t gotten it.

You are either rh negative or positive. If you are rh negative then if your blood happens to mix with your baby’s blood and he is rh positive your blood will treat him as if he were an infection and start to destroy his red blood cells. If the baby is negative just as you are then there is no problem, but once your body starts to make antibodies to rh positive blood they will be there forever and the shot wont be good anymore. The shot only prevents them from being made. I am afraid that maybe in one of my blood tests he seen that I already had the antibodies and that’s why I didn’t get the shot. If that’s the case then I wish he had told me, I just really wish I had thought about this sooner instead of just expecting him to take care of everything.

The thought of what my own blood can do to my baby is so awful.. this has me more stressed out than the c section. I hope the baby has my blood type, he seems pretty active most of the time. So I think after my next appointment I will be going weekly.. I’ll write about it when I go on the 22nd.

My daughter has a tiny cold that started about 2 days ago. A runny nose and cough that I’m sure will be better very soon. I’ve been putting the humidifier in her room when she sleeps at night plus I put this vicks like stuff for babies on her chest.

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3 hour glucose results

Fallon on July 28th, 2007

So I went for my checkup on the 25th and my doctor told me that my 3 hour glucose test came back normal. Well this is good news but I always think that doctors are lying anyways, but lets hope he’s not. So my next appointment is 2 weeks from my last. I have to start going every 2 weeks since I’m so close, so my next will be august 8th. He did all of the other regular things such as checking my weight, blood pressure, urine, baby’s heart etc.. He hasn’t told me anything bad.

I also recently went to re fill my prenatal vitamin prescription and the pharmacy I was going to before is not there anymore.. so I went to the new location where my info was transferred and they didn’t have the exact vitamins that I was taking before. It is a different brand and now that I am taking them I have this weird vitamin-like taste/smell in my sinuses. It’s annoying but I’m sure within another week once my body is used to them it will go away. When I first started taking the other ones the same thing happened. I guess this brand is a bit different than the other one I was taking, I don’t like not having the same brand but I can’t do much. This brand is neonatal plus and the other was prenatal plus.

I also went and finished getting some important things I need for the baby before I bring him home. We went to target first and got some diapers and wipes, also some receiving blankets and a few outfits for my daughter. I love looking at the clearances and sales they have as I walk down the aisles. I also got a double stroller and infant car seat set so that both the kids can be in the same stroller, and the infant seat can also go in the stroller.. I really, really love it. The whole thing is very convenient and nice.

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